TREE SEEDS - Bamboo ( Bambusa arundinesia & Dendracalamus strictus )

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Bamboo belongs to Graminaceae family. Bamboo seeds will easily germinate and grows early. Any how seeds need pretreatment for quick and good results

Seeds Pre treatment

 All Bamboo seeds need pre treatment i.e., keep seeds in cold water up to 12 hours and than sow seeds to the seed bed or directly to the poly bag

Seeds Sowing

There are two types of sowing methods ie.,

Sowing into the seed bed

Direct sowing to the poly bag

Sowing Into the Seed bed

Prepare 4 x 3 feet seed beds keep bed should be clean and well drainage. Sow seeds in thinner manner and cover soil with sand mix.

Sowing into the polybag

Which is easy for maintaining and to avoid the time and money. But here seeds should be have good germination. Sow 4-5 seeds to each poly bag.


Here substrate is following proportion i.e., 60:20:20. 60% Soil , 20 % sand and   20 % compost. This substrate is good for better results.


Watering is depends According to climate, moisture and humidity.

Seeds Protection

 After seeds sowing we want to keep away from rats and other insects. So apply continuously Phorate, Which will avoids the rats and insects

After Germination

After germination also we want to avoid from the squirrels and rabbits. After formation of rhizomes problems will almost nil


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