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Tag Combo is a microbial formulation effective against a wide range of pests like sucking insect pests, mites and caterpillars. Tag Combo is first of it’s kind formulation which has promising action against a wide range of insect pests and mites. The water soluble nature of the formulation makes it more versatile and easy to apply as foliar spray, soil drench and through drip irrigation. Tag Combo works by breaking the resistance of the insects against insecticides. Apart from braking the resistance, it also kills the insects. Tag Combo has synergistic relationship with all the commonly used insecticides for plant protection. Tag Combo has long lasting effect in the applied field and continue to act against the target insects.

  • Effective against sucking insect pests like aphids, white flies, caterpillars and mites.
  • Compatible with chemical insecticides, but not fungicides.
  • Best IPM tool for resistance management.
  • Safe to human, animals, non target organisms and environment.
  • No waiting period.
  • Do not leave any harmful residues.
1 gm / Litre water (or) 100 gm / acre.
Foliar spray @ 1 gm / Litre water Soil drenching @ 1 gm / Litre water.
Tag Combo can also be mixed with FYM and broadcast in the field.
Normally, death can be noticed from 3 rd day after the spraying. Tag Combo is compatible with botanical and common agricultural chemicals except chemical fungicides.
As a standalone product, apply Tag Combo as a prophylactic spray to manage the insect pests. But, the combination of Tag Combo with chemical insecticides produces excellent results especially wherever there is chemical insecticide resistance problem.
PRECAUTIONS: Do not mix with chemical fungicides. Apply 7 days after application of chemical fungicides

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