Native Rice - Thuya Malli Rice

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As the name indicates in Tamil, Thooyamalli is Thuya (Pure) + Malli (Jasmine), pure jasmine. The reason why pure Jasmine was given to this type of rice is just because of its resemblance of the bud of Jasmine flower

  • Thooyamalli not only strengthens the Nervous system, but keeps the entire nerves in the body to be active
  • Thooyamalli prevents diabetics
  • Thooyamalli is pretty simple to cook and helps is easy digestion
  • Keeps the skin to be free from wrinkling and keeps it hale and healthy
  • Eating this rice, helps us to be active both physically and mentally
  • Thooyamalli rice strengthens internal organs

Thuyamalli Rice can be used to prepare:

  • Briyani
  • Idly – Idly's made using this rice are really gorgeous. A proven fact. You could try confirming it
  • Dosa
  • Plain rice
  • Lemon rice
  • Tomato rice and
  • Tiffin items

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