Product Description
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Product Description

As a quality driven enterprise, we are providing to our clients an exclusive range of Tag Veria. The given product contains an entomopathogenic fungus which is highly effective against various pests like aphids, hoppers, scales, etc. The product can be used with all types of chemical pesticides, except fungicides. Besides, clients can get it at affordable rates.

  • Environment friendly
  • Safe usage
  • Safe packaging options
  • Highly effective

Tag Veria contains most virulent strain of Beauveria bassiana, a broad spectrum entomopathogenic fungus, which is effective against various sucking insect pests and chewing insect pests. Conidia in Tag Veria, after coming in contact with the insect body, get attached to the cuticle and start germinating. The hyphae penetrate the cuticle and proliferate in the insect’s body. Humidity is essential for conidial germination and infection established between 24 and 48 hours. After entering insect body, a toxin called Beauvericin is produced, which weakens the insect’s immune system. The infected insect may live for 3 – 5 days after hyphal penetration. After death, the conidiophores bearing conidia are produced on cadaver and the insect body gets mummified.

Benefits Of Tag Veria:
  • Effective against Lepidopteran caterpillars, sucking pests, grasshoppers, etc
  • Compatible with chemical pesticides, except fungicides
  • Best IPM tool for resistance management
  • High spore count (minimum 100 million cfu / gm of product)
  • Safe to human, animals, non target organisms and environment
  • No waiting period. Do not leave any residues in produce and in environment

Dose And Method Of Application:
  • 1 kilogram per acre with a suitable wetting agent like Kloud improves the efficacy of the product
  • Foliar spray @ 5 gm / litre water
  • Soil drenching @ 5 gm / litre water. Tag Veria can also be mixed with FYM and broadcast in the field
  • Normally, death can be noticed from 3rd day after the spraying. The product is compatible with botanical and common agricultural chemicals except chemical fungicides
  • Use as a prophylactic measure and apply in the field, on appearance of the target pests in various crops, preferably late in the evenings for optimum efficacy
  • Regular applications @ 20 – 30 days interval starting from 20 – 25 days after sowing / planting ensures pest free crop

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