Top 5 air purifier and oxygen enriching plant pack

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If you or anyone from your family wants to breathe fresh air, cleaner air in their homes, this 5 plants pack purify the air around and removes pollutants.


  • Reducing carbon dioxide levels
  • Increasing humidity
  • Reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide
  • Reducing airborne dust levels
  • Keeping air temperatures down
  • Plants help lower background noise
  • Plants have long been used to reduce noise from busy roads
  • Plants are incredibly beneficial to indoor work spaces ,they also have air purifying qualities
  • All plants can act as air cleaners but some are more beneficial than others when it comes to removing toxins in the air

  • Combo Constituents

    Herbal Plant Pot size /Block / Brown
    1 aloe-vera 5 inch (13 cm)
    2 Peace lily (spathiphyllum) 5 inch (13 cm)
    3 Snake plant 5 inch (13 cm)
    4 Money Plant (scindapsus) Green 5 inch (13 cm)
    5 Areca Palm 5 inch (13 cm)
    Super Marbles Pebbles(white ,Small) 50g
    Vendor: SK Nursery

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