There is always some kind of royalty associated with wearing silk as from the ancient times silk is considered as the garment to be worn by the rich. Its smooth texture and rich look makes the person wearing it look more elegant. Silk is basically a type of protein fiber that is woven into threads and can be used to make textiles. The protein is mainly the collection of small fibers of protein called fibroin which is produced by certain insects around their cocoons. The farming for the silk insect is called Sericulture. It is a big business in India as India is known to produce good quality silk across the world.

India is among the largest producers of silk in this world and not only this, our love for silk is justified by the fact that it besides producing we are also the largest consumer of silk in the world.

About 97% of all silk that gets produced in India comes from only five states these are Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. Thanjavur is present in Tamil Nadu is famous across the world for providing one of the best quality silk. The silk produced in Thanjavur is of superior quality and hence priced a little more than usual but their sheer glitter and smoothness make them justified for their price.

Thanjavur silk is produced not only for local use but also exported because there is always demand for high quality silk in the international market. There is large number of people associated with silk industry in Thanjavur and it helps to contribute towards economy of the city. Several small scale silk producers are present in the city. Genuine silk can be bought from the local venders as well as emporiums.

In today's time online shopping for silk and ready made garments made from pure silk is also available and hence you can buy your favorite sarees with just by a click. Thanjavur sarees and silk can be bought and given to the special ones on auspicious occasions. They make a great and memorable gift to the person you gift it to.

The sarees that are made from silk in Thanjavur have vibrant colors with elaborate pallus (loose end of the saree).  They are apt for any occasion. The most interesting thing about a Thanjavur silk sari is the gold work that is done all over. Tanjore silk sarees represent ethnicity and beauty and fill you up with same feeling once you wear them.

They can be worn for a complete conventional look and some of the sarees with modern designs give you the modern classy look as well. Generally the sarees have beautiful designs of the temple, the stylized lion form, the swan, or the tiger on their broad pallu.

Thanjavur Silk Sarees

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