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We manufacture several seaweed products and its widely used as fertilizer enriching the soil nutrients, as animal feed supplement constantly increasing the weight of the livestock, and in nutraceutical sectors.

Our Seaweed fertilizer extracts are purely organic, high effect, natural, which are suitable to all varieties of crops, vegetables, flowers and fruits. The seaweed extract promotes plant's quality, increase the yield for 15-35%, meliorate and protect the environment by providing major food source for soil microbial population thus keeping the soil alive. There is an increasing demand at National and international markets for the seaweed products.

The company provides the best quality range of raw seaweeds, Kappaphycus alvarezii, Sargassum and its products, Seaweed Liquid Fertilizers and live stock feed to our clients. The company is solely engaged in cultivation and manufacture of seaweed and seaweed products, which are made using the best quality seaweeds.

Sea Weed Products

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EMO GEL (Sea weed Gel)


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