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Rayal Gold contains combination of the dry powder preparations from red and brown seaweeds and is 100% Natural. This seaweed fertilizer offers excellent source of plant growth regulators such as Auxin, Cytokinin and gibberellic acids in good amount. It contains Micro and Macro nutrients, Amino acids and Vitamins. Research and field trials have confirmed the role of Rayal Gold in increasing crop yields, drought resistance, frost protection and stress recovery. It is recommended for all crops like Sugarcane, paddy, spice crops, vegetable crops, sunflowers, cotton, pulse crops, oilseed crops, and flowers crop etc.,

Yield improvement in all crops: 

up to 30-40 %

 Soil Application : 

One kg of Rayal Gold seaweed powder in 10 kg of sand and use. One kg of Rayal Gold Seaweed powder with minimum 10 times of irrigation water per acre for short term crop. 2 kg of Seaweed powder with minimum 10 times of irrigation water per acre for long term crop.

Benefits of Rayal Gold Seaweed powder

--Increases crop yield upto 30-40% 

--Promotes the growth of rhizosphere microorganisms

 --Confers disease resistance to all crops

 --Promotes root growth and nodulation in legumes

 --Provides inadequate nutrients and trace elements to the soil

 --Improves nutritional value of crops

 --Keeps the plants healthier, stronger and more disease-resistant 

--Improves water retention

 --Enrich Soil micro-flora and maintain ecological balance

 --Increases Photosynthetic rates in leaves

 --Reduces the use of chemical fertilizers

 --It allows the formation & population of earth Worms

General crop improvements by our seaweed based products : 

Sugarcane - 45%, 

Paddy- 30%, 

Corn, Wheat, Brinjal, Tomato, Barley-21%, 

Potato- 26%, 

Peanut- 30%, 


 Soya Bean-22%, 





Macro nutrients Nitrogen 

- 4100 ppm phosphorus 

- 615 ppm Potash

 - 980 ppm Secondary nutrients Calcium 

- 3400 ppm Magnesium

 - 350ppm Sulphur 

- 250 ppm Micro nutrients Copper

 - 0.5 ppm Iron

 - 250 ppm Manganese

 - 0.5ppm Zinc

 - 0.5 ppm Boron 

- 120 ppm Humic acid 

- 10% Algenic acid

 - 15% Growth promoters Auxin

 - 35 ppm gibberellins 

- 85 ppm Cytokinin 

- 40 ppm

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