Green/Shade House Setup

Shade/Green houses are simple structures built for the purpose of blocking sunlight and heat in hot and tropical regions to facilitate increased yield. 
A shade house built by SK Organic farm is a block type framework made of tubeler iron rode and covered with a shade cover. We also do customization based on customer need. The shade net/cover we use is green, 50% sun block and UV treated. Since the cover is UV treated, it also blocks harmful UV rays and the 50% shade also helps conserve water when irrigation is needed.
The basic purpose of a shade house is to partially block sunlight and heat to protect plants and extend their life.  It can be used to grow nursery or bedding plants, or for growing vegetables in terrace garden. 



#cost : We do end to end installation and charges are Rs.35.00/sq.feet ( surface area ) for flat type and Rs.45.00/sq.feet ( surface area ) for 'A' Type. We do allow customization with the minimal cost.

#minimum area : 100 sq.feet

Please contact our help line @9841787425 for more information.