JeevaSakthi - Sea weed Tonic - 100% Organic - 40% yield improvement

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JeevaShakthi i is 100% Natural Seaweed Extract formulated avoiding chemical processes. It contains natural phytochemicals and is a rich source of plant growth Hormones such as Cytokinin, Auxin and Gibberellins which stimulate cell division and efficient root systems. It is also rich in Macro & Micronutrients and some amino acids and Vitamins to keep the treated plants healthy and productive. Research and field trials have confirmed the role of JeevaShakthi  in increasing crop yields, drought resistance, frost protection and stress recovery. It is an ideal fertilizer for crops as a foliar applicant and can also be effectively used in drip irrigation. It makes the product best suited for organic farming all crops.

Yield improvement in all crops: up to 30-40 %

For Terrace garden : 100 ml in 10 lit of water and then spray on plants.
For Farm :

2 L/ acre (1L/ 100 L well water) - short term crops 

4 L/ acre (2L/ 200 L well water) - Long term crops (Two times applications: 1St - 20-30 days after transplantation, 2nd - before flowering).

Sulphur 1050 
Cytokinin 80 ppm ... 
Copper 18 ppm ... 
Other nutrients Boron 130 ppm ... 
Humic acid 10% Magnesium 752 ppm ... 
Algenic acid 18%   

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