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Product Description:For Fruits and Vegetables

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Horti-Impact is useful for sucking insects in vegetable crops. The sucking insects like mealy bug, spider mite, aphid and jassid are detrimental to vegetable crops. Various chemical insecticides are being used to control these insects. These chemicals carry residues of chemical pesticides through vegetables; produce resistance among insects and harm beneficial insects. Horti-Impact is safe for environment and free of chemical residue. It is effective way to control sucking insects like mealybug and mites.

Mode of action:

Horti-Impact has contact and fumigant action. Horti-Impact is based on duel active ingredients.BIOLOGICAL FUNGICIDE The active ingredients are environmental friendly. It is based on natural triterpenoids from medicinal plants. It controls nymph as well as adult stages of the insect.


Horti-Impact is recommended to control sucking insects like mealy bug, aphid, spider mite, whitefly, jassid and scale insects on various crops in horticulture, floriculture and vegetables.

Dose: 0.5 to 1 ml/liter

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