Kasini Keerai - Chicory leaves

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Chicory leaves are also called as kasini keerai in tamil.  The botanical name for chicory leaves are Cichorium intybus.  The roots of the plant that are grown under the ground is used to make coffee more tastier and adds more flavor to the drink.  The summer and spring seasons are the best time to purchase this plant.  The plant above the ground, i.e leaves, stem etc are added in medicinal supplements.  The baby leaves are used in salads while the matured leaves are used in cooking with vegetables and meat.  The taste of the leaves are bitter but it works better in case of severe pains.  The roots of this herb is roasted and powdered to make the chicory coffee powder that can be used as a drink by adding one cup of powder with one cup of water for the best flavored coffee.  Beta carotene is the wonder agent that acts as a medicine for most of the  ill effects in the body.  It adds more flavor to the food by using it in any form.

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