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KLOUD ( Super Spreader and Super Penetrant ) - 10 ml

Product Description
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Kloud is a best in class; proprietary, organo-modified trisiloxane based spreading and wetting agent. It is a tailor made, non-ionic surfactant, known for its super spreading (zippering effect) and high wetting and targeting action (cuticular penetration) when used in all agricultural spray programmes.

Its inherent rainfastedness (tolerate rain after one hour of application) allows larger amount of active ingredient to penetrate plant cuticle even under adverse conditions, thus saving spray volumes.


  • Extremely versatile product which can be used as a tank-mix adjuvant to enhance the control of pests, diseases and weeds.
  • Kloud safeguards the performance of pesticides and foliar fertilizers.
  • Penetrates the dust covered surface of the target plants.
  • Wets and penetrates the waxy surface of weather-hardened plants.
  • Improves coverage when spray volumes are reduced.
  • Enhances the dissolution of solid formulations in the tank e.g. WG and WP. Not phytotoxic to crops when used as directed.



50 - 100 ml / acre. (0.25 - 0.50 ml / Lt water). Use as in-tank mix along with other agricultural inputs like agrochemicals, biological products, foliar fertilizers, etc.


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