BIOPESTICIDES - M-Impact (for Mealy Bug)

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Product Description:Controls spider mites in 55 seconds BY ECOFRIENDLY WAY

What is M Impact?

Sucking insects are responsible for heavy crop losses. Spider mite, aphid, whitefly, mealy bugs are main culprits. They destroy all types of crops including vegetables, fruits and floriculture crops. Sucking insects sucks plant sap and cause chlorosis, which adversely affects photosynthesis of the crop. These insects are most difficult to control because of 1) High reproduction potential 2) Ability to co-exist in overlapping generations 3) High adaptation potential and 4) Worldwide distribution .

To overcome this problem we have developed a new ecofriendly products “M Impact”. Use of M-Impact helps to reduce crop losses, provide economic benefits to farmers, reduce soil erosion and ensure food safety and security by safer way.
The biggest benefit of M-Impact is its quick action. It kills spider mites in less than a minute.
Mode of action: M-Impact has contact, fumigant as well as antifeedant action. M-Impact is based on duel active ingredients. The active ingredients are environmental friendly. It is based on natural triterpenoids from medicinal plants. M-Impact controls nymph as well as adult stages of the insect.


Though M-Impact is specially designed for sucking insects like spider mites and mealy bug, it gives excellent result on other insects too.

Crops: M-Impact is recommended on floricultural and horticultural crops.
Dose: 0.5 to 1ml per lit of water.

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