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Pseudomonas Fluorescens Biocontrol Agents bacteria have a strong oxiding power that helps them break down environmental pollutants and provide useful enzymes and oxygen for plant growth. This bacterium enters the plant system and act as a systemic bio control agent against diseases. Pseudomonas florescence biocide for control of black rot and blister blight diseases.


-It improves soil quality with subsequent uses
-It should not be mixed with antibacterial agents and inorganic fertilizers
-It effectively protects the plant from wilt, root rot, soft rot, blight and damping off effect
-It also controls the rice blast and sheath blight of paddy

Mode of action:

-By secreting an enzyme, it has the capability to destroy the cell wall of the fungal pathogens and annihilate them
-It secrets hydrogen cyanide and antibiotics such as pycocyanin and phenazine, which inhibit the growth of disease causing pathogens
-It also produces siderospores which chelate with iron in the soil, and make it difficult for the pathogens to proliferate
-Further, it secretes several plant growth substances, and these gibberellins like compounds contribute to vigorous crop growth


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