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Tag Bionik is a biofertilizer product containing a mixture of most useful range of mycorrhizae (VAM) spores and propagules. Tag Bionik can be recommended and applied on all kinds of crops and the mycorrhizal inoculants colonize the roots of the plants immediately after application. Apart from mobilizing the essential nutrients to the plants, it also forms a protective shield against soil borne plant diseases. With extensive and well developed root system, the plants are enabled to access more nutrients & water, thereby improving stress tolerance in Tag Bionik applied fields. Tag Bionik contains a selected strains of most effective species of following mycorrhizae. • Glomus spp. • Gigaspora sp. Contains 100 Infective Propagules / gm of product
 Mycorrhizae are so closely connected to the roots of plants that they are considered an extension of the root system. The extension of the effective root area of the plant, increase the absorption and translocation of immobile nutrients. Many elements like N, P, K, S, Zn, Ca, Mn & Cu is taken. The available Phosphorus concentration in the root zone is increased.
 It stimulates the host plant for synthesizing organic acids & carbon dioxide.
 Increases biomass, production and yield.
 Protects crop from harmful plant diseases and increase the resistance of plants.
 Stress tolerance and better water retention capacity in soil.
 Enhances phytohormone activity.
 Increases photosynthesis.
 High salinity tolerance.
 Improve soil structure.
 Enhances phenol activity.
 Early establishment and growth of nursery seedlings.
 Ideal for the survival, growth and establishment of micro-propagated plants.
 Synthesize growth substances i.e. giberillines, oxines, cytokinines, which enhance both growth and yield of plant.
4 Kg / acre Broadcast application can be made along with farmyard manure or compost or organic manure or soil

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