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Product Description
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Tag Folder is a microbial formulation effective against a wide range of sucking insect pests and mites. Tag Folder works by contact and stomach action and kill the insects. It is compatible with foliar fertilizers and chemical pesticides. For best result tank mix with good wetting agent (Kloud) and spray on under side of leaf. Tag Folder is suitable for regular crop use and for organic farming. Tag Folder is compatible with pesticides. Pests stop feeding from one day after spray and the effect is reasonably longer and continue to act against the target insects.

  • Best product in the plant growth promoting products segment.
  • Induce profuse flowering and prevents dropping of flowers and fruits.
  • Better seed germination and increases yield significantly.
  • Improves tolerance against stress conditions.
  • Improves nutrient uptake, photosynthesis and nutrient use efficiency. Compatible with biopesticides, chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Safe to human being, animals, non-target organisms and environment.
  • No waiting period. Does not leave any harmful residues in produce and in environment.
3 ml / Litre water as foliar spray / soil drenching.
5 ml / Litre water for seed treatment.
1 lt / acre through drip irrigation system.
Tag Bumper can be applied through drip irrigation along with water soluble fertilizers. Due to high Cation Exchange Capacity, Tag Bumper helps to minimize scaling in drip lines.
Recommended crops: Recommended on all the crops including Rice, other cereals, vegetables, fruits, pulses coffee, tea, ornamentals and plantation crops.

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