Product Description
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Product Description:

The given product is widely used for the treatment of different types of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens. The product contains a unique combination of metabolites and can be used with all chemical insecticides, except chemical fungicides. 

  • Industry leading price
  • Water soluble in nature
  • Effective against pathogens
  • High reliability

Tag Poly is a microbial formulation effective against a wide range of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens. Tag Poly is first of it’s kind formulation which has promising action against a wide range of plant pathogens causing various diseases in crops. The water soluble nature of the formulation makes it more versatile and easy to apply as foliar spray, soil drench and through drip irrigation.

Tag Poly works by initiating and enhancing systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in treated plants against plant pathogens causing diseases in cultivated crops. The antibiotics and metabolites secreted by the beneficial microbes acts against the plant pathogens.

Dose And Method Of Application:
  • Foliar spray : 1 gm / Litre water or 100 gm / acre
  • Seed treatment: 2 – 5 gm / Kg seed (depending on seed size)
  • Soil drenching : 1 gm / Litre water. Tag Poly can also be mixed with FYM and broadcast in the field
  • Normally, recovery of plants can be noticed from 5th day after the spraying. Tag Poly is
  • compatible with botanical and common agricultural chemicals except chemical bactericides / fungicides

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